IIA-CIA-Part1 最新日本語版参考書、IIA-CIA-Part1 基礎訓練


NO.1 A chief audit executive (CAE) of an international charity reports functionally to the audit
committee of the board of directors and administratively to the charity's chief financial officer(CFO).
Which of the following would impair the internal audit function's independence?
A. The CFO administers the annual evaluation process for the internal auditors.
B. The CFO manages the accounting of the budget for the internal audit function.
C. The CFO determines the scope of internal audit work in the accounting department.
D. The CFO provides feedback on the CAE's audit reports.
Answer: C

NO.2 After several years in the engineering department,an engineer was transferred to the internal
audit department. One month later,the new auditor was assigned to an assurance engagement for
the engineering department. When the auditor's former engineering supervisor suggested a change
in the sample selection method,the auditor consulted with the audit supervisor. They determined
that the suggested method would not be as representative and that the original selection method
should be used. In this situation,the auditor:
A. Maintained an independent mental attitude and is therefore objective.
B. Has subordinated professional judgment,and objectivity is therefore impaired.
C. Does not have objectivity since the auditor recently transferred from the engineering department.
D. Does not have independent organizational status since the auditor recently transferred from the
engineering department.
Answer: C

IIA-CIA-Part1 条件   

NO.3 According to IIA guidance,which of the following is the most likely obstacle to undertaking a
quality assurance and improvement program by the internal audit activity?
A. The time commitment to complete.
B. The lack of independence and objectivity.
C. The size of internal audit department under review.
D. The inability to adequately fund the program.
Answer: D

IIA-CIA-Part1 学校   

NO.4 An organization that outsources much of its internal audit work to an external service
provider is planning for an external quality assessment. Which of the following options would
accomplish this task and be in conformance with the Standards?
A. The same external service provider because of its competency and experience with the
B. External industry associate that performed a similar review for a supplier of the organization.
C. A team from an independent entity that previously employed the chief audit executive of the
D. A team under the direction of the organization's chief audit executive with validation by a former
manager of the internal audit activity.
Answer: B

IIA-CIA-Part1 目的   

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