HPE0-S46 最新テスト & HPE0-S46 テスト内容


NO.1 Which fabric benefit does Synergy have over BladeSystems?
A. eliminates the need for Link Modules
B. eliminates the needfor a Top of Rack Switch
C. supports Fiber Channel over Ethernet
D. provides redundant Top of Rack switches within one rack
Answer: B

HPE0-S46 費用   
The master module contains intelligent networking capabilities that extend connectivity to satellite
frames through Interconnect Link Modules. The result being elimination of top of rack switch need,
as any addition of new satellite frames are connected to the master module instead of ToR switch,
and substantially reduce cost. The reduction in components also simplifies fabric management at
scale while consuming fewer ports at the data center aggregation layer.

NO.2 Which HPE technology helps to address concerns about server interconnectivity and cable
management, and the network effect of increased East-West server traffic when using
VMware vMotion for virtual machine migration?
A. HPE BladeSystem with HPE Virtual Connect
B. HPE BladeSystem connected to externaliSCSi storage
C. HPE ProLiant DL servers with a traditional three-tier infrastructure
D. HPE ProLiant DL servers with HPE StoreVirtual 4000 Storage
Answer: A

HPE0-S46 取得   
Without Virtual Connect abstraction, changes to server hardware (for example, replacing the system
board during a service event) typically implies changes to the MAC addresses and WWNs. The server
administrator must then contact the LAN/SAN administrators, give them the updated addresses, and
wait for them to make the appropriate updates to their infrastructure. With Virtual Connect, a server
profile keeps the MAC addresses and WWNs constant, so the server administratorcan apply the same
networking profile to new hardware. This feature can significantly reduce the time required to
complete a service event.

NO.3 A customer needs to manage contract, warranty, and HPE Care Pack Information for its server
and storage infrastructure from a single location. The customer also needs proactive expiration
notifications for these contracts.
Which HPE tool should the architect recommend?
A. HPE System Management Homepage
B. HPE Insight Online
C. HPE Insight Display
D. HPE Smart Update Manager
Answer: B

HPE0-S46 変更   

NO.4 A customer has a ProLiant DL based server solution.
The customer is experiencing high write latency with its virtual desktop infrastructure running on this
Which solution will increase the application performance and reduce the use of resources?
A. Add a PCIe Worload Accelerator
B. Upgrade memory to 2133 MHz DDR4
C. Upgrade the current processor to the E5-4800 v5 processor
D. Migrate to PCIe Solid State Drives
Answer: A
The IO Accelerator is an advanced storage device that uses solid state storage technology directly on
the PCI bus, assuring high read and write data rates and accelerated application performance. The
associated application performance improvements will have a positive impact on business results and
the ability to make decisions quickly, resulting in significant cost and time savings.

進歩を勇敢に追及する人生こそ素晴らしい人生です。未来のある日、椅子で休むとき、自分の人生を思い出したときに笑顔が出たら成功な人生になります。あなたは成功な人生がほしいですか。そうしたいのなら、速くJapanCertのHPのHPE0-S46 最新テストを利用してください。これはIT認証試験を受ける皆さんのために特別に研究されたもので、100パーセントの合格率を保証できますから、躊躇わずに購入しましょう。

JapanCertはきみのIT夢に向かって力になりますよ。HPのHPE0-S46 最新テストの認証そんなに人気があって、JapanCertも君の試験に合格するために全力で助けてあげて、またあなたを一年の無料なサービスの更新を提供します。明日の成功のためにJapanCertを選らばましょう。

JapanCertを選ぶかどうか状況があれば、弊社の無料なサンプルをダウンロードしてから、決めても大丈夫です。こうして、弊社の商品はどのくらいあなたの力になるのはよく分かっています。JapanCertはHP HPE0-S46 最新テストを助けって通じての最良の選択で、100%のHP HPE0-S46 最新テストのはJapanCert最高の保証でございます。君が選んだのはJapanCert、成功を選択したのに等しいです。

HPE0-S46試験番号:HPE0-S46 受験トレーリング
試験科目:「Architecting HPE Server Solutions」

>> HPE0-S46 受験トレーリング


JapanCertは最新のHPE2-E68問題集と高品質の7693X問題と回答を提供します。JapanCertの2V0-622D VCEテストエンジンとC_THR88_1702試験ガイドはあなたが一回で試験に合格するのを助けることができます。高品質のHPE6-A07 PDFトレーニング教材は、あなたがより迅速かつ簡単に試験に合格することを100%保証します。試験に合格して認証資格を取るのはそのような簡単なことです。